David Sloan Wilson is an American evolutionary biologist and a Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences and Anthropology at Binghamton University. He is a son of the author Sloan Wilson, and co-founder of the Evolution Institute, and co-founder of the recent spinoff nonprofit Prosocial World.

“I am a scientist and writer who is lucky to be alive during an important period in the history of ideas. When I entered the field of evolutionary biology in the 1970s, it was confined almost entirely to genetic evolution. Everything that evolves was portrayed as a form of selfishness. And evolution was emphatically said to have no purpose. Now, evolution is envisioned as any process that combines the three ingredients of variation, selection, and replication—including the fast-paced changes swirling around us (cultural evolution) and within us (our personal evolution). The evolution of goodness can be explained at face value. And human cultural evolution indubitably has an intentional component.”